• $0 Capital Cost
    With PV World’s Solar Leasing scheme. You can unlock the full potential of solar right now without any capital costs. Unutilized roof spaces are resources that can be tapped with our Solar Leasing schemes.
  • Electricity Savings
    Our Solar Leasing electricity rates are competitive with the EMA tariff rates.
  • Maintenance and extended warranty for the entire term of lease
    PV World will monitor and maintain the system through the lease period. Our Solar leasing service is a hassle-free solution.

  • Free BCA Green Mark Points!
    Every 1% replacement of electricity by renewable energy source scores to 3-5 Green Mark Points, up to a maximum of 20 points. By installing solar PV system, capital costs from other complex works required for Green Mark points can be saved.
  • Reduced cooling load from solar shading
    By installing the solar panels on the roof, the direct solar irradiation to the roof will be blocked, as such reducing the cooling load of the building. A study by Kleissel done in San Diego showed a 500kwh/mth/1000m2 installed panel space
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint
    According to data from EMA, Singapore power plants (using oil or nature gas as fuel) generate 1 kWh electricity produces 0.5146 kg CO2.
    For a 900kWp solar PV system:

Our engineers will go down to your building to do a site survey to customize a perfect solar leasing solution for your needs.

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